Italy's fractious coalition clashes over proposal to shoot wolves

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Italy's fractious coalition clashes over proposal to shoot wolves

They have clashed over immigration, vaccinations and big infrastructure projects, but now the two parties in Italy's fractious coalition have their claws out over wolves.

Sharply differing stances have emerged between the hard-Right League and the populist Five Star Movement over what to do about the country's burgeoning wolf population.

Driven almost to extinction in Italy by the 1970s but then given protection, there are now around 2,000 wild wolves in Italy.

Around 1,500 live in the Apennine mountains that form the country’s spine and the rest in the Alps.

Hailed by conservationists as a success story, the wolves are loathed by many farmers, who say they kill their livestock.

There have been protests by landowners, especially in mountain areas, where the large expanses of land mean it is harder to protect flocks with electric fences.

Vanna Gavia, a member of The League and a junior environment minister, wants forestry rangers to be allowed to shoot wolves, at least with rubber bullets.

She says there is a need to protect “farms, alpine pastures and inhabited centres” from the predators, some of which are dangerous wolf-dog hybrids.

But she is sharply at odds with her boss Sergio Costa, the environment minister, who is close to the Five Star Movement and has flatly dismissed the idea.

Source: Google News Italy | Netizen 24 Italy

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